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“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s the one who asks the right questions.”      -Claude Levi-Strauss

Wellness Lifestyle

What is “good health” to you? Is it losing those ten pounds, being pain-free, or not having a diagnosed illness?  Believe it or not, everyone has a belief system defining what wellness means for them.  My wellness lifestyle blog and program is all about telling the truth about human wellness, and revealing the realities of what it takes to get and stay well. If you are tired of the pill-popping, the constant declarations about your genes being the bad guy, and all the gimmick “wellness” products and programs, then I invite you to join me in exploring the true causes of illness and disease, and ensuring you live to your healthiest potential!

What is Wellness?

The quote above eludes to the fact that the most important part of science is the question.  Without the right question there can be no right answer.  The first and most important question when it comes to human wellness is simply “what is the healthiest lifestyle for human beings?”  Knowing the three elements of lifestyle are diet, physical activity, and mental/psychological, we more correctly can ask “what is the healthiest mindset, menu, and movement for human beings?”

All About Asking the Right Questions...

Most of us seem to be able to answer the above questions quite easily when it comes to other living organisms on planet earth.  Everyone knows that a lion is a carnivore, spends time playing, hunting, and relaxing, and has an important social role within its pride.  When it comes to us as humans, however; we would get different answers from different lifestyle and nutritional authorities.  Just type in “diet” or “nutrition recommendations” into your favorite search engine to see what I mean!  The real answer to those lifestyle questions can be found using the same concept we use to answer them for other living beings; observing humans living in accordance with their original design.  Whether you believe our design is by God, evolution, or the combination of the two; the reality is that we are largely omnivorous hunter-gatherers at the genetic and epigenetic level.  The embracement of a mindset, menu, and movement pattern congruent with this reality combined with modern sanitation and emergency medicine is what gives us our best shot at a wellness lifestyle!

The Right Answer to the Right Question.

“78% of our healthcare costs are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors*namely our diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, chronic stress, and environmental toxins.”

-Hyman et al. Altern Ther Health Med. 2009;15(6):12-14.

“Our ancestors' lifestyles transformed from wandering hunter-gatherers to sedentary consumers of more than they needed to survive. Many studies link today's prevalence of metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity, and cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases) in developed countries with this historic change in human behavior.”

-Collins, C. Nurs Forum. 2007 Jan-Mar;42(1):39-44.