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“If we do not reverse this trend, chronic disease will continue to devastate Americans’ health, lead to millions more preventable deaths and will ultimately bankrupt our health care system… We need to move away from our current system that is focused on treating disease to one focused on preventing chronic conditions from occurring in the first place.”  

-Dr. Richard Carmona, U.S. Surgeon General (2002 – 06)

Wellness Consultations

Prior to your initial consultation with Dr. Adam, you will complete a comprehensive wellness inventory that includes questions about your dietary, physical activity, and mindset choices/status.  It will also involve entering information pertaining to a brief fitness test as well as some basic blood work.  This inventory will evaluate and reveal potential deficiencies or toxicities you may be experiencing, which will allow Dr. Adam and yourself to devise the best strategy for addressing any health challenges or areas you are not functioning optimally.  Any further testing or evaluation will be performed if it is deemed necessary.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Dr. Adam’s wellness coaching will give you valuable information no matter what is motivating you to live a wellness lifestyle.  The beauty of making your health-related resolutions about more than just weight loss, is that you get the weight loss along with all the other benefits of actually increasing your health!  Unhealthy ways to lose weight are abundant, and when we have that singular focus we are often tempted to do unhealthy things to achieve our goals.  When your strategy includes Menu, Movement, and Mindset, more health and better function are always the end results.  A good example of this reality is weight loss itself.  A significant hormone in the regulation of body fat is leptin, and leptin levels as well as leptin sensitivity in the brain has been shown to be influenced by your sleep, your eating habits, and your physical activity!  Ignoring any one of those factors (and others like stress) can derail your weight loss goals.  Join me in exploring the sustainable strategies for reaching and sustaining your IDEAL weight.

Weight loss?  Health problems?  More fitness?  Yes!

The cost for the initial wellness inventory and consultation is $150.  This does not include any blood work or other testing Dr. Adam may request prior to your initial consultation.  The information you will learn through your time with Dr. Adam can save you thousands in future health care costs if you apply the material to your life.  So it is well worth it and will pay for itself many times over.  I did pay thousands to acquire this information through tuition, seminars, conferences, books, and research papers, so let me transfer the information to you for a fraction of that cost!

Cost for Wellness Coaching

Wellness Consultations

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